As a young child I grew up making ice cream in the winter out of snow . Mom,dad, my sisters, and I all churning the delicious treat untill perfection.  As a vegan I've always loved that clean creamy feeling of frozen creamy desserts. However milk was not an option . It's taken some time and love and with the two I've managed to create the best ice cream on earth. COMPLETELY PLANT BASED and absolutely delicious.  Based in Houston Texas we are excited and set to bring you the very best 100% non dairy vegan healthy ice cream . Take a look inside and be sure to contact us for your catering needs big or small. I'm Otis, the owner and you have my word on it... this is the absolute best in ice cream . 

2.5 gallon wholesale tubs.  $70 plus tax.

Approximately 120 scoops per container. Perfect for the large scale or small restaurant service. Available in custom flavors as well. Add instant appeal and value to almost any dessert. 

Wholesale cases 36 ct. 8 oz cups. Up to 3 flavors per case, minimum 12 per flavor.  $144 + tax.

T-shirts $10 kids sizes. $15 S-L XL $15

Available in all sizes. Brighten up you summer wardrobe with a blast of color and a great brand. Get yours today. Kids sizes coming soon.

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